Carried out on all Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration and Ice Machines.


Carried out on all Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration and Ice Machines on site or at our workshops.


Our objective remains in offering all our clients – a continued professional, quality service at excellent value.

Terms and Conditions



Compressors and components are not unconditionally guaranteed – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

1.) 6 (six) months on workmanship.

2.) 12 (twelve) months on new refrigeration equipment.

3.) 1 (one) months on new electrical components and fans (based on SA electricity supply problems).

a.) Provided that the units are serviced and maintained 3 monthly by COOL FX or by a reputable contractor.

b.) Service records are to be kept as our suppliers insist on them prior to entertaining any warranty claims.

4.) Warrantees are strictly relevant to manufacture defects of components, and do not cover component failures due to lack of maintenance, vandalism, misuse, abuse, any components damaged due to power failures/surges/dips/, over/under voltage or lightning will NOT be covered under the warranty, voltage and surge protection must be in place to protect against this.

5.) The warranty on compressors and components are not transferable to any third parties.

6.) Callouts, labour & travel for nuisance calls, will be charged at our standard rates.

7.) Warranty void if:

a.) Condenser coils are not kept clean at all times as this causes higher than normal head pressures which is a leading cause of compressor failures. b.) Evaporator coils are not kept clean at all times.

c.) Air filters (in the case of Air Conditioning) are not kept clean at all times.

d.) Non-compliance with payments / terms.

e.) Any tampering and / or modification of equipment by staff or others.


The above warranty terms and conditions apply, but also include:

1.) Cosmetics are not warranted after delivery.


The above warranty terms and conditions apply, but also include:

1.) Burst pipes due to higher than the specified water pressure will not be covered by the warranty.

2.) ALL hot water lines must be insulated for maximum efficiency.

3.) Hot water lines to be within specified maximum pipe run distance. If these line are longer (make /model dependent), there can be a loss of hot water output efficiency, the water pump may not be able to pump /circulate the water efficiently.




Please note that ALL warranties will be administered by Scotsman SA (Pty) Ltd. We will not entertain any claim or instruction to attend to any warranty claim, other than as set out in this procedure. Dead on Arrivals or damaged goods must be notified within 7 days of receipt of goods.


Scotsman SA warranty excludes defects due to external reasons for example:

  1. Exposure to chemicals, chemical vapours or any other agents.
  2. Electrical supply power failure or incorrect wiring or power surges.
  3. Water supply failure or pluming problems for any reason.
  4. External drain line malfunctions.
  5. Failure to clean and maintain as set forth in the Products manual.
  6. Installation not in accordance with the Products manual.
  7. Cosmetics are not warranted after delivery.

DURATION OF WARRANTY PERIOD, Scotsman SA warrants their products for 12 (twelve) months for the replacement of faulty part including labour costs involved in the replacement of that part, from date of sale.

The extended 12 month replacement parts warranty is valid if the unit is serviced by a qualified and accredited dealer at the end of the first year of service. This is for the customer’s cost. Proof of such service will be required to validate extended warranty claims, due to an increasing number of fraudulent claims proof of payment to an accredited technician or the dealer will be required. Invoices will not suffice.

Please note that any warranty call out / repair which is found to be the result of poor or incorrect installation will be for the account of the dealer / customer responsible for that installation.

What does a service entail?

  1. Strip, Descaling and Sanitize components with Scotsman solution, designed to remove scale, rust and bacterial growth.
  2. Degrease and pressure wash the condenser coil.
  3. Full mechanical check.
  4. Full refrigerant check.
  5. Re-assemble machine.
  6. Re-set controls and wiring to factory specifications.
  7. Quote repairs (if repairs are required).

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